How to SSH into a Kubernetes Worker Node


Overall Strategy — In a nutshell

Step 1: Download and Install

Step 2: Get your Authentication Token

Step 3: Create SocketXP TLS VPN Tunnel for Remote SSH Access

$ socketxp connect tcp:// --iot-device-name "kube-worker-node-001" TCP tunnel [test-user-gmail-com-34445] created. Access the tunnel using SocketXP agent in IoT Slave Mode

Configuring SocketXP agent to run in slave mode

$ socketxp connect tcp://localhost:3000 --iot-slave --iot-device-name "kube-worker-node-001"Listening for TCP connections at: Local URL -> tcp://localhost:3000 Accessing the IoT device from your laptop
$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/test-user-private.key test-user@localhost -p 3000

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Ganesh Velrajan

Ganesh Velrajan

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