Today, 3 factors affect the work dynamics of companies of all sizes — small, medium and large — around the world today:

  • The pandemic situation,
  • Geographically distributed workforce
  • The trend towards automation (reduce human involvement/errors)

These 3 factors drive the need for secure remote access to resources such as servers…

Access Raspberry Pi Remotely from outside network over the Internet

Raspberry Pi remote SSH access is key to monitoring, controlling and debugging industrial machineries, automobile fleet and home automation devices from far away remote locations when human access to such devices is not possible at a particular moment.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to remote SSH into IoT devices…

Without requiring any public IP addresses, using SocketXP reverse proxy TLS tunnels.

With the emergence of microservices architecture, more and more micro web services are popping out of monolithic applications each day. These microservices are all not colocated in a single server in a single facility but distributed across different servers in different regions. Some services are run in-house while some are…

Ganesh Velrajan

Ganesh Velrajan is the founder of SocketXP. Learn more about SocketXP Remote Access Solutions at

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